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We are Edison Solar and our aim is to help you Save Money (from the ever-increasing energy costs we are all experiencing) and to also Help Save our Planet. Here at Edison we offer smarter renewable solutions through combining Solan Panels (Solar PV) and Social Energy’s grid trading battery.

This not only provides you with peace of mind over rising energy bills, but also an income stream from the Social Energy battery through its intelligent grid trading technology. More Solar = Less Carbon which is: Less Polution, Less Green house gases which means you are helping to Save Our Planet

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Our owners have been active in the renewables industry since 2002. With solar PV installations throughout the United Kingdom and soon to be world wide, you can be confident that we have the experience to complete your PV and battery installation to the highest standard.

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How it works?

  1. Solar PV - Edison Solar supply and install a solar PV system to the size your roof, which generates you free electricity harnessing the power of the sun.
  2. Battery Storage – Alongside your solar PV we will also install an a AI Grid-trading battery, which allows control over the energy you are producing.
  3. Social Energy – Store, switch and trade. Social Energy’s unique AI Grid-trading battery will store, switch and trade your energy at the optimum point to ensure you gain the highest returns. A world’s first.

Fully protected with

Here at Edison we are both HIES and EPVS accredited. This not only offers you an insurance-backed system but means that the solar and battery returns we present to you are verified by an independent party. Please see the HIES & EPVS page for more information of why these accreditations can give you ultimate peace of mind.

In addition to our HIES & EPVS membership the vast majority of our business is generated via word of mouth.

Energy at a glance

Similar to most industries and technologies, the first movers usually benefit the most. Social Energy’s revolutionary AI grid trading battery is a technology that will disrupt the energy market as we know it. Through FFR (Fast Frequency Response) Social Energy can turn your home in to a mini power station for the UK Government to draw power from during peak times in demand. So, in effect, if you have a PV System with Social Energy then you are supplying power to the neighbours on your street during the times when electricity is at its most expensive. Social Energy are the only private company to achieve a National Grid tender, which speaks volumes about the scope of Social Energy in near future.
Don’t wait, and potentially lower your returns.

A no obligation quotation will tell you the following information:
Show you how much you could save on your electric (EPVS validated)
Show you how much you can earn by SE smart trading

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Solar PV

The first step in creating energy security for your home. Solar PV allows you to use the sun’s energy as an unlimited source of power. Edison Solar only offer tier one solar panels which means longer warranties and a higher performing panel.

Home Storage battery

Perfect for people who have already invested in solar PV and are looking to enhance their investment. We only install lithium ion batteries with industry-leading warranties, giving you complete peace of mind.

A combined solution

By combining Solar PV and a Social Energy battery you can not only harness the power but you can choose to switch it, store it or trade it autonomously giving you the best return on investment in the market.

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